DoS attack – for beginners

Hey guys,

I’m gonna show you how to perform a DoS’s not much difficult.hope you know what is a DoS attack.if you don’t know, read the paragraph will give you a basic idea about the DoS attack.

Denial-of-service (DoS) attacks typically flood servers, systems or networks with traffic in order to overwhelm the victim resources and make it difficult or impossible for legitimate users to use them.


  • Kali Linux
  • hping3 or nping (Some of are pre-installed in Kali Linux.if not you have to install it)

That’s all! Let’s do it…..

DoS using hping3

  • Log into the kali linux and open the terminal.
  • Type hping3 -h (it will show you the usage of hping3 tool)


you can read the usage and identify each I’m not going to explain these things.

  • You only need to run a single line command as shown below:


I’ve done it to my localhost.replace with the IP address or the URL of the website that you need to attack.

before doing this kind of things we have to hide from outsiders.otherwise they can trace back you and you could be can do it using spoofed IP:


–rand-source : random source address mode (it will randomly generate source address and set it as source IP address of the packets)

DoS using nping -TCP connect flood


to make the DoS attack stronger, you have to increase the packet size or do the same thing in multiple terminals.

That’s it.We’re done now.hope you got understand about DoS attacks.actually, this is a basic method but doing DoS attack is a more complex thing.the only thing that I did by writing this post is giving you a basic idea about the DoS attack and do a simple flood attack.

This guide is for research and learning purposes.Don’t use this to harm others.



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