Become anonymous on the internet

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I’m gonna tell you something very important to you when you are browsing on the internet.nowadays we know that the internet is not the secure place.when you are browsing on the internet your IP address is freely opened for everyone.especially if you are doing hacking, penetration testing or something like that it is very important to be the question is how do we do that?actually, it is not much difficult to do.i’ll show you how to do it.

Let’s do it…..


  • Tor Browser

The only thing you need is the Tor browser.hope you guys know what is the Tor browser.anyway, you can get an idea about the Tor browser by reading the description is free.

just download it:

What is Tor Browser?

The Tor software protects you by bouncing your communications around a distributed network of relays run by volunteers all around the world: it prevents somebody watching your Internet connection from learning what sites you visit, it prevents the sites you visit from learning your physical location, and it lets you access sites which are blocked.

This guide is for Windows but you can use this for any other platforms like Linux, Mac.

  1. Download and install Tor browser.
  2. Open the tor browser.

At the very first time, you will be greeted with a screen asking if you would like to connect to the Tor network.all you need to do is click Connect button.


It will take a little time to connect.afterthat you can see the browser running perfectly.


Alright! this is can check your Tor network by clicking the link appears in the browser you can browse the internet using Tor is safe.but it is not interesting.browsing the internet using an unfamiliar web browser is not much you can use your Tor identity for your favorite browsers.

I’ll show you how to Torify the Google Chrome…..

  • open Google Chrome.
  • go to settings.
  • click on “Show advanced settings…”


  • click on “Change proxy settings…”


Google Chrome is using your computer’s system proxy settings to connect to the network.

  • click on “LAN settings”.


  • check the box “Use a proxy server for your LAN” and click on “Advanced”.


  • in Proxy Settings window, keep the settings as shown in the picture below.make sure to uncheck the “use the same proxy server for all protocols” checkbox.


  • then click OK.

now we are can browse the internet anonymously using Google Chrome.but make sure to keep the Tor Browser opened at all the times when you use the proxy.

You can use the same way to torify Mozilla Firefox, Opera or any other web browser.also, you can torify any other applications which use the internet and support proxies.the only thing you have to do is change the proxy settings.

These are the settings for the proxy server….

Address: (localhost)

Port: 9150

Type: Socks (Socks5)

Actually, Tor is not an HTTP Proxy.It appears you have configured your web browser to use Tor as an HTTP proxy. This is not correct.Tor is a SOCKS proxy, not an HTTP proxy. Please configure your client correctly.

That’s it.We’re almost done.hope you got understand about the Tor and how to be anonymous on the internet.anonymity is a very important thing to the people who do penetration testing.if you wanna be a hacker, first of all, you have to hide from can do it using this method.

This guide is for research and learning purposes.Don’t use this to harm others.



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