Gmail attack using Kali

Hi there!

I’m going to show you how to attack Gmail.if you wanna get someone’s Gmail account password, this will help you to get it.There are many ways to do can do it using phishing.hope u guys know what is the phishing.but nowadays everyone aware of that type of phishing is not much better.this is a different easy method.hope you will get this.


  • The only thing you need is kali linux with xHydra tool (we can do it using Hydra tool.but Hydra runs in terminal.xHydra is the GUI version of Hydra.)

Let’s face it….

  • open kali terminal and type “xhydra” (without quotation marks) or browse into all applications and find “hydra-gtk”.

it will open a window like this.


  • in the Target tab, select these settings.

    Single Target: (if you want to attack multiple have to give the target list.)

    Protocol: smtp

    Port: 465 

SMTP port (TLS): 587
SMTP port (SSL): 465

(these are the values for Gmail.if you want to attack another email instead of Gmail.just use these settings listed below.)

port: 587


  • choose these options in output options pane.

Check Be Verbose

Check use SSL

Check Show Attempts


  • next move to the password tab.

Username: victim’s Gmail address

Password: you can give a single password if you know.(actually, this is not the option we want.why do we need to attack if we know the password.stupid things.leave this.)

Password List: browse your password list and select it.

Actually, this is a brute force brute force attacks, we have to use a password list.there are many password dictionaries in the can download it.but I recommand you to use your own password dictionary.beacuse in downloaded dictionaries there also have many words but some personal words might be not before going to hack you have to gather information about the victim.there are many ways to do that.this is like a something called Social Engineering.using that information, you can generate your own password list.there are many password generating softwares in the internet.

  • check “try login as password” option



  • now move to the start tab and click start.

That’s all.your final result will show after it is finished.your result will be like this.



Your result will vary with the password list that you gave before.Just do it for your Gmail address by creating password list including your correct password and check how it works.I’m pretty sure it will definitely show your correct I’m not responsible for any loss or damage.before doing this, you have to hide your IP address & etc.this is only for educational purposes.Don’t take this to hurt someone.



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DoS attack – for beginners

Hey guys,

I’m gonna show you how to perform a DoS’s not much difficult.hope you know what is a DoS attack.if you don’t know, read the paragraph will give you a basic idea about the DoS attack.

Denial-of-service (DoS) attacks typically flood servers, systems or networks with traffic in order to overwhelm the victim resources and make it difficult or impossible for legitimate users to use them.


  • Kali Linux
  • hping3 or nping (Some of are pre-installed in Kali Linux.if not you have to install it)

That’s all! Let’s do it…..

DoS using hping3

  • Log into the kali linux and open the terminal.
  • Type hping3 -h (it will show you the usage of hping3 tool)


you can read the usage and identify each I’m not going to explain these things.

  • You only need to run a single line command as shown below:


I’ve done it to my localhost.replace with the IP address or the URL of the website that you need to attack.

before doing this kind of things we have to hide from outsiders.otherwise they can trace back you and you could be can do it using spoofed IP:


–rand-source : random source address mode (it will randomly generate source address and set it as source IP address of the packets)

DoS using nping -TCP connect flood


to make the DoS attack stronger, you have to increase the packet size or do the same thing in multiple terminals.

That’s it.We’re done now.hope you got understand about DoS attacks.actually, this is a basic method but doing DoS attack is a more complex thing.the only thing that I did by writing this post is giving you a basic idea about the DoS attack and do a simple flood attack.

This guide is for research and learning purposes.Don’t use this to harm others.


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